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Kelsey busy at her desk
Kelsey Busy at her desk.

Search Engine Enhancement & Ranking Improvement

10 Search Engine Enhancement Musts

  1. Keywords, keywords, keywords!
  2. Fresh Content
  3. Page Titles
  4. Image descriptions
  5. Links to others
  6. Links back to yourself
  7. Avoid Flash
  8. Search-friendly URLs
  9. Social Media Distribution
  10. Monitor where you stand

…and most important–let us help you reach your target audience!

Since getting people to visit your website is vital to any online venture, we help increase your visibility on the non-paid listings (organic) on Google, as well as engage your audience with a strong ranking improvement program. Our method involves on-page, as well as off-page strategies. We could tell you exactly what we do, but it’s a company secret. Oh, and we ditched Flash a long time ago. If it’s not OK with Apple, it’s not OK with us.

 Adding your domain name, with key words and phrases to Google’s search engines is part of our process, as well as creating a “place page”, powerful titles and page names. We add Google Analytics and continue to monitor the results for you.