We LOVE Accrisoft Freedom

This video is from 2012 at a conference sponsored by Accrisoft. Everyone was in great spirits.
We ALL LOVE Accrisoft and so do our clients!

The system was originally created for organizations like YMCAs, JCCs and Chambers of Commerce. We didn't let that stop us! We have used the Accrisoft platform for all kinds of businesses--from Attorneys to Nursery schools to non-profit agencies. We have expanded the intention of the software to make it work for businesses like yours. Not all of our websites are built in Accrisoft Freedom, but take a look at our portfolio to see some of them.

Here's what we LOVE about Accrisoft at Pressing Issues:

  • The WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get) makes it easy to edit web page content, add images, and embed videos.
  • The Form Wizard helps us create custom contact forms, registration forms, and more.
  • Easily upload and manage files to be used on your website. Files can include images, documents, audio, video, and more.
  • Most important, we are your support team, and the team at Accrisoft is OURS!