Google is finally updating the Gmail web design. We can update yours!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Google is finally updating the Gmail web design
Aryan Arora,

After years of Google’s same age-old design of the Gmail web-client, Google is finally planning to update it. The new design includes a new loading screen, inbox layout, addition of smart replies, and much more.

The New Look
The inbox screen is cleaner and follows Google’s recent trend of curved UI elements. It features a new sidebar consisting of Google Calendar, Google Keep, and Tasks.

You can also choose from three different types of inbox layouts including the Default View, Comfortable View, and Compact View.

The Default View shows you what kind of attachment (if any) is included in an email.
The Comfortable View simply shows only an attachment icon.
The Compact View is similar to the Comfortable View but reduces the vertical space in each list item.
Added Features
The redesign also adds some features too. It brings smart replies from the mobile app. It also adds a new snooze feature that lets you hide emails for a period of time, so you can reply to the email once you’re ready to.

Expected Release
We’re expecting Google to announce the redesigned web client at Google I/O on May 8, 2018.