8 Things Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

8 Things Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know
Kim Mickelsen, bozell.com

Branding for a business—whether big or small—is no easy task. Here’s eight ways for a small business to make the most out of their brand:

  1. Ask for customer referrals. Don’t be shy about asking. If asked, most people are more than willing to give referrals.
  2. Build relationships. Establishing strong relationships with your customer base is crucial. When customers visit your store or website, ask for their email address. Then, craft informative, helpful and professional communications to send to your customers. With this, you’ll be able to create communications that customers will look forward to receiving—and even share with potential new customers.
  3. Network. A strong network pays dividends over time and is one of the greatest assets any business person can have. Don’t be afraid to get out there and get to know people. It may seem time consuming and may not provide instant results, but the contacts you make and the relationships you build can help you in the long run.
  4. Focus on a specific target audience. Since you can’t be everything to everyone, it’s important to narrow in on your audience. After doing this, create a quick elevator pitch to let others know what you do and why you are the best choice.
  5. Prioritize your business’s goals. Start small and focus on your most immediate needs and most important long-term objective. This can help create a clear, prioritized marketing plan that enables your business to grow.
  6. Stay updated on trends in brand strategies for small businesses. Currently, ease of access through the latest technology is becoming a priority for small businesses. Using payment options like Square or Apple pay, even the smallest vendors can maximize their sales among a consumer audience carrying little cash.
  7. Utilize social media as a sales platform. You can now buy advertising on Facebook and Instagram through the platforms themselves.
  8. Answer the big “why” questions. Every situation is different, but if you keep one thing in mind let it be this – focus on answering the big “why” questions: “Why should someone buy from you versus someone else?” If you focus on the whys, your marketing will be stronger.